About Me

Hi there! Just a little bit about my journey in editing and content creating.

My passion for editing started in secondary school. I made a fully functioning app for a music festival using just powerpoint and designed the festival's logo. I then shot and edited my first video in sixth form, I didn't have my own camera or editing software so I used my phone and edited at school using Final Cut Pro. From there, I did my Media and Communications degree at De Montfort university in which I started using proper cameras and increased my skills on Final Cut Pro as well as learning to code websites using Atom and gaining high project scores. Through all of my editing and coding projects, I've enjoyed seeing my visions come to life and gaining high marks through determination, dedication and drive to improve my skills.

After university, I took to creating Instagram content whilst being a fragrance adviser at my nearest Superdrug. Doing this allowed me to think of new ways to promote the products and deals so the posts don't become too repetitive for the followers whether it be through the caption, transitions or any other variable. It also lets me enhance my editing as I have learnt to keep videos as short as possible and to the point, removing any unneccessay footage.

I now work as a full time graphic design and marketing assistant at an outdoor adventure centre, I create images for social media platforms and internal use, design emails and am working with others to modernise the brand and bring in new clients.

Take a look around the site to see my work.

I hope we can work together!